Thanks to all the viewers who shared their interest.  Please do not take it as just a story; reflect on it and try to deduct some lessons.

In all of our lives, we tend to take decisions, sometimes, we get a favorable response and outcome. Alternatively we get frustrated or disappointed as to what we get in future. Perhaps, we human beings are hasty in taking some decisions or we either think that this is the best solution; some people leave it to destiny. Allah, has made all of us independent in living our lives and taking decisions, but in the guidance of HIS teachings. However, our independence seems to be quite restricted, as very well said by someone when asked about the power of freedom and independence. He said the person to raise on foot while standing, so he did; however when asked to raise the other foot also, he showed his was relied, .. that’s what is your power.  The results we get by our decisions if guided by Allah, may not be understandable at that moment, but we do realize it later on. My life has been full of those incidences, wherein apparently I did not achieve the results at the time that I wished; in addition, so may co-incidences (apparently un-explainable) have happened with me, which guided my future course of action.

Keeping that in mind, I thought of sharing some of those incidences in life and decisions either taken by my parents or me, which had resulted what I am today. following could be those phases

A. Village life, values, culture and practices- birthing by Dais

B. Moving to Karachi and living in Kharadar, Karachi –by the way, Kharadar is a birth place of Quaid-e-Azam and it is claimed that he was from a Gujrati (the Indian one) family– no co-incidences !!

C. Schooling in a charitable school with classes in a big empty warehouse

D. The joys of Burns Road in DJ Science College-not to forget Lassi and tram

E. The golden period in Dow Medical College and birth of PWA

F. Beginning of Public Health with HANDS and joys of working with Billloo Sahib

G. Grooming in CHS-AKU- traing in London

H. Training for MPH in Baqai University and joys of working Ilyas Sahib

I. Working with donors and development world

J. Working of Health Services Academy; ups and downs

K. Birth of Mustashaar and revelations about consultancy world– both the client as well as vendor

L. Public Health getting in Pakistan’s arena; but are we getting the right products

M. Frustrations with post-graduate education- business in teaching/training

N. Period of reflections in past

so in next episode we will see the village life and how the beliefs and practices passed on in city life.



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