Pakistan is faced with major task of increasing its basic primary as well higher education; leave alone how and in what fields the products will be utilized.  Today, I will be focusing on higher level education illustrating a comparison between two programmes; one is BSc and other is MSc.

Last days as part of my consultancy work I have been working on evaluating the BSC-Midwifery programme.  This is is one of the pioneer initiative supported by a UN agency and being implemented by School of Nursing and Midwife of a prestigious university. I was surprised and rather embarrassed by the fact that it has been scientifically and strategically designed alongwith international and national consultations and with full support of Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and Midwifery Association of Pakistan (MAP). In addition to that there are other groups who are either running the similar programme or in fact have also developed a draft “Midwifery vision 2025”.

so what was embarrassing to me??  Well after spending almost three, decades wherein a bunch of seven “preceptors” working in Community Health Sciences Department ( from 1985) who had then be practicing as well advocating for the role models, and later on joined by so many Public Health experts including the PhDs, we have not been able to achieve the following:

a) A strategic planning for the syllabus and curriculum;

b) no functional and active association (have been having off & on) and

c) no regulatory authority to ensure quality of products (PMDC has its own challenges and rules of business).

I can even add, in this list a dedicated and highly esteemed “Journal focusing on Public Health” issues; we have produced many papers, mainly to beef up our CV.

So where the things have gone wrong.  One can come up with lot of semantics and rhetoric, but as a ‘hopeful pessimist’ I feel that our (Public Health graduates) education/training, job opportunities and the contribution which should have been made to address health challenges –all are showing a downward trend. I am proposing that the academia, teaching institutions as well the young graduates should have to address these issues. My long time observation is that we are not ready and even willing to challenge the status quo, simply because we wish to save our job, consultancy opportunities or just least bothered. We attend big workshops and conferences with luxurious lunches, talk all the good things which everyone wishes to hear, make resolutions and then forget all.  How many of us, including myself is wiling to challenge that building more hospitals are not the solution, that supplying ready to use foods can be replaced by simple home made techniques, and that institutions are not putting lot of efforts to produce high quality graduates.

All is not well !!

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  1. I really thinks that the stakeholders contribution factor is very important And impacts in real sense what ever teh stream of education is.

    But at the same time a strategic thinking strikes me that is there all developments as of today are based on the realist facts for an open eye.


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