In Urdu, like for any other language there are so many unique words which may not have the exact translation or meaning as it may have otherwise. In addition, some words (just as Arabic), in Urdu have so many meanings and could be attributed to a particular situation.

So what would be probable meaning of Gunjaish?? Let me try some of them:

  1. If you are shopping and trying to bargain then you can use it for suggesting discount !!
  2. To be considerate or accommodative
  3. To forgo and forget
  4. Let it go

So how all this started; this can be a usual situation; you are supposed to be in a meeting or attending a workshop or attending any party at a described time and place. You out of good etiquette reach on time (may be with many others) and the ‘Facilitator’ of meeting or workshop is also there but there are few (or even half of them) who have not turned up.  Everyone is waiting and/or started looking at their mobile and started surfing around or busy with FB.  Someone like me is anxious to get that meeting done and sort of requests the facilitator to commence it.  And, you get an interesting answer “Dr. Sahib Zara Gunjaish Nikaley”.  And then the debate starts.

We as human beings have not only lost patience but also have forgotten that our behavior are not only reflections of the situation but how we respond, react and attribute to a situation. In that context, we many of the times fall into “stereotyping” and respond, “why should the early birds or those on time suffer for those who are late, may be because they are used to it; or its their habit or do not bother about others. However, there may be some alternate issues which would have delayed the presence in meeting, such as emergency at home; missing the alarm; traffic jams due to VIP moments etc. Thus, then the Gunjaish can have even a wider meaning of “let it go” or be empathic to others. Perhaps, we in this materialistic world have become more of self-centered and wish to see the whole world in our own way.

So giving “gunjaish” is one sided or two-sided.  If the act of delayed reaching at a meeting is deliberate or due to negligence or ill-planning, then why can’t we be more considerate so that others are also do not suffer.  Nevertheless, understanding and practicing of “Gunjaish” has made a big difference to me… so do you?

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