Writing has been since ages, on of the commonly practiced approaches for sharing knowledge, experiences and lessons in life.  As a scientist and development practitioner, one is always tempted to produce papers that get published and get recognized in academic and research community.  However, many of the times, the common person who may not be necessarily related to same filed will neither benefit, nor can apply that knowledge/experience in practical terms because of the complexity of language. In addition, as a teacher, development practitioner and technical advisor, one comes across so many issues and alarming facts that may not be shared even in the grey literature because of the so called “intellectual property rights” or “conflicts of interest”.

Above all, one always questions what larger benefit someone is contributing to the society by bringing some of the issues, which are either not discussed or are not encouraged to bring up, simply because, it will challenge the status quo or reflect badly to an institution or group or department.  However, when you reach certain phase of life, you are willing to face those challenges and need not worry un-necessarily about some repercussions. In fact, Islam teaches us about AMR BIL MAROOF & NAHI ANIL MUNKAR

Thaver Blogs is an humble effort to bring up some of the issues and challenges as a ‘whistleblower’ and bring the attention to the reader, actions which are either not being done or something is going badly wrong (and no one cares).  The effort is not at all to mudslinging or insulting someone and not to get into yellow journalism. It is an innate desire that I wish to share many things, which many of us know are wrong and not being done properly, but we are reluctant to even talk about it. Of course, off and one you will have some taste of lighter side life, through which one can still learn some good lessons.

One can also follow me on other social media links as follows; opinions, feedback and criticisms will always be appreciated.

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